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England Portable Gantry Aluminium Crane
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England Portable Gantry Aluminium Crane

Portable Crane

England Portable Gantry Aluminium Crane

The bearing steel structure and the aluminum alloy track are connected, and the height is adjustable.According to the operating conditions are divided into rigid mounting and flexible mounting.The lower flange plate of the lifting piece is connected with the bolt using the maintenance-free spherical structure flexibleconnection,horizontalPosition can be fine automatic load adjustment, buit-in copper pad, flexible structure, mainly underthe bear. Vertical load force, flange height can be adjusted, according to the height of the lifting range to compensate thesteel knot. The height difference of the structure, the hoist girder is not perpendicular to the position of track X and Y.

The lower flange plate of the lifting part is rigidly connected with the bolt, and the horizontal position is not adjustable. Position-ing lifting or clamping of heavy objects, or for telescopic beam structures requires upward force, bearing. Horizontal andvertical load force, fiange heioht adlustable, according to the height of the lifting range compensation,The height of the steelstructure is different, and the main gjirder of the hoist is always perpendicular to the X and Y positions of the rails.

Beam trolley is mainly used to connect the lifting mechanism,the lifting ring can be connected with electric hoist,pneumatic hoist, manual hoist and other lifting mechanism,convenient installation and disassembly.Light dead weight, body made of aluminum alloy, die - casting molding;The wheels are made of high-strengih wear-resistant rylon wheels, which make the ground quiet, running light and smooth.Buffer device, both ends of the car are equipped wih rubber anti-colision head, to extend the service life of the track and the carWith roler device, the car can realize the bidrectionalload bearing and maintain good ant-ecceniricty abily to ensure accurate positioning of thelifting device:Strong combination, the maximum capacitly of a single car is 630kg, beyond this range requires a combined car.

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