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1ton Aluminium Lightweight Portable Gantry Crane
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1ton Aluminium Lightweight Portable Gantry Crane

1ton Aluminium Lightweight Portable Gantry Crane
  • PRGS-25


1ton Aluminium Lightweight Portable Gantry Crane

As a professional intelligent hoisting and conveying productsdesign, manufacture and sales service, Leon inteligent innovation, the pursuit of technological progress, excel-lence, is committed to providing customers with professional, more durable, more economic aluminum trackproduct solutions, and relying on our technology and research and development centers, providing customers withpersonalized material handling solutions, to meet customer for material handling, process layout, and improve efficiency.BRIMA provide professional products and services, independent mould design. Main productsaluminum alloy, european-style cantilever crane, rail system, aluminum alloy frame which lifting transport productssuch as automated conveyor line.BRIMA products in the world has been widely used in automobile industry, mould indus-try,shipbuilding, machinery processing, aerospace and other

Orta gantry rapide integrated wheel design that folds with the flame for ease of transportation,availble in 3 hight adjustable versions(up to 2.9m lifting eye height),anodised for increased corrosion resistance,can support goods and personnel lifting,can accommodate a range of beam lengths up to 4 meters,engineered designs and bespoke sections reduce weight,providing lightweight portability.

Aluminum closed track,anodized anticorrosive treatment, good wear resistance,High bending strength,Light dead weight, low friction resistance (5096 lighter than KBk rigidtrack),Modular design, casy to instal! SIx types track .The loads range from 125kg to 2000kg Monorail crane, single beam, double beam, telescopic beam, combina.tion of free-standing structure is optional suspension type and arc type and other structures are optionalFlexible and rigid joints are optional.The rail joint is seamless ,Low noise from manualelectric operationNyion wheels make track wear less,Quiet and smooth operation,Suitabie for large span.

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BRIMA is a collection of hoisting & Crane research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and service as one of the emerging heavy industry enterprises for 20 years in England...



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