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Crane Conductor System Enclosed Power Rail Trolley Bus Bar Conductor Bar
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Crane Conductor System Enclosed Power Rail Trolley Bus Bar Conductor Bar

Bus Bar System
  • DHG-4-60A


Crane Conductor System Enclosed Power Rail Trolley Bus Bar Conductor Bar

Shell stripped 30mm, bend the Copperbelt 90 " viapliers, insert it into the jointing box and tighten thescrews. The jointing, box can be used for power supply. 
After stipping the conductor rail shell which need to connect,to insert thecopper strips into dedicated joint, and then 90 degrees bending, bendingof the standard 3cm in height and be limited to 3.5cm, and then tightenthe screws. lf power needed, screw the connect cable joint directly on thescrew as shown in Figure,then drill on the top of the jointing box cover,and install waterproof cable connector,drag the lead out cable out of thewaterproof joints.Tip: The screws must be fully tightened.

Installation of collector: a. The installation of the current collector: Dedine the length of the tractor unitaccording to the amount of electrode and installation space. 70±5mm distanceshould be ensured in distance between the upper end and down end of theconductor rail,it is only natural that support arm parallel to the slip line when thecollector installed.(refer to the installation drawing of the conductor rail for moredetail).b. Inspection: Inspect the depth of parallelism between the conductor rail andoperation guide ofthe hoisting unit and control the depth within 20mm, make atest run and check the running state of the flake passing through each nodalpoint,tighten all the fastening piece if some problems occurs,dry run one monthwithout interval and tighten all fastening pieces again.

Installation and maintenance:Min.R=400mm for packing,Min.R=800mm for installing.To find the installation path according to the collector size for installation.lf necessary,dust removal for the copperbelt by brush.To test nun not less than 10min after installation done,and check throughout the operation.Run for a month, to check the operation of each piece, if necessary, tighten each fasteners.Especially to check the operating position of the collector, to ensure it' s within the effective adjustment range.If it’s hard to determine the installed size ofthe collector when installation,the collector rail should be paralleled to the conductor railin order to meet the requirement of the installation.Tensioner spring shall not be overextended and need to leave room for expands with heat and contracts with cold of theconductor systems, lt should follow the principle of "loose in Summer and tight in Winter"Generally it will be subject to that the tensioner spring adjust until a slight deformation appeared on the conductor rail whendetermine via unaided eye (and then loosen the spring slightly).


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