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125kg European Electric Chain Hoist with Fixed Hook
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125kg European Electric Chain Hoist with Fixed Hook

125kg European Electric Chain Hoist with Fixed Hook
  • BMS0.125-01M


  • 8425110000

125kg European Electric Chain Hoist with Fixed Hook

Brima specialize in manufacturing BMG electric chain hoist, Europe type wire rope hoist, BM electric chain hoist, Crane geared motor, End carriage ,Manual chain hoist.

Brima brand products include:
* BMG electric chain hoist from 125kg to 1ton
* Europe type wire rope hoist from 3.2ton to 80 ton
* BM electric chain hoist from 250 kg to 50ton
* Crane geared motor
* End carriage
* Manual chain hoist

Features of European electric chain hoist :

Higher Performance&Faster: BMS european electric chain hoist with high performance,high safety reliability  adavantages,using use humanized design concept to increase your productivty and make the world to achieve the highest efficiency.

Sensitive and fast: BMS european electric chain hoist with flexible action,positioning accuracy Lord stood upquickly and efficiently speed low hoisting load smoothly,accurate positioning.

Longer service life for greater efficiency: In practical terms,BMS european electric chain hoist service life is extended by approx. 20% in comparision with the conventional 2m classification for chain hoists FEM rating.This results in significantly prolonged time between service intervals and general overhauls.This extra operating life is only offered by BMS european electric chain hoist.

Fast and simple maintenance: BMS european electric chain hoist,all main drive components,such as gear box,brake and clutch by a special process,and durable BMS series brake have 5 years free maintance,BRIMA hoist still has a long working life with high quality even in busy work.
Because BMS european electric chain is designed by excellent service idea and necessary maintance work can quickly&simply finished works.This chain device of BMS european electric chain hoist is designed as a compact unit which is slid into place and can be replaced in a minimum of time without the need ti disassemble motor or gearbos pars.Long downtimes as a result of maintenance work are now a thing of the past.

Technical specifications:

Hoist Manufacturer BRIMA
Capacity 125kg
Lifting height 3m
Hoist Speed 8/2m/min
Test load 1500kg
Voltage 220v to 440v, 50/60hz , 3 phases
Upper & Lower Limit Switches Yes
Self Centering Chain Guide Yes
Chain FEC80 Japan chain
Chain is Surface Hardened Yes
Hook Type Double
Hook Safety Latch Yes
Hook Rotation 360 Degrees
Dual Speed Motor Yes
Motor Insulation Class F
Thermal Overload Protection Yes
Brake Type DC brake
Self Adjusting Brake Yes
Overload Slip Clutch Yes
Working grade, FEM 2M+
Lubrication Oil Bath
Enclosure Type (Complete Hoist) Outdoor Rated -IP55
Fan ( Nylon ) Yes
Control Voltage 24V or 48V
Hoist body materials Aluminium
Chain bag ( Nylong) Yes
Ergonomic Push Button Design Yes


BRIMA is a collection of hoisting & Crane research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and service as one of the emerging heavy industry enterprises for 20 years in England...



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