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1000kg European 2 falls Hand Control Electric Chain Hoist for overhead crane
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1000kg European 2 falls Hand Control Electric Chain Hoist for overhead crane

1000kg European Hand Control Electric Chain Hoist for overhead crane
  • BMS01-02M



1000kg European Hand Control Electric Chain Hoist  for overhead crane

BMS european electric chain hoist has been certified by the relevant national authorit protection class of hoist motor,electric chain hoist and traveling motor device are all IP55,push button control is with excellent moistureproof dustproof IP65.

Gearbox:maintenance free because of minimum wear adjustment is not necessary.The brake is enclosed in  enclosed in the electrical panel and provides double protection from the elements.Slip clutch: maintenance free.Integrated against overload.integrated slip clutch monitoring prevents premanent demage to the slip clutch.Height adjustment control pendent cable.The length of the control cable.Therefore,the suspension height of the control pendent can be infinitrly varied for a hook path range of 2-5 m and 5-8m.The excess control cable is accommodated behind the service cover.Control:24v contactor control,operating limit switches upper and lower.Steel chain:a special BRIMA chain of high strength.Hardened age,resistant material.galvanized and other surface treatments are available to protect against specific hostil environments.Suspension bracket;BMS hoists are supplied with short and long suspension brackets as standard and can always be attached to the super,structure with the optimal connectin.

Technical specifications:

Hoist Manufacturer BRIMA
Capacity 1000kg
Lifting height 3m
Hoist Speed 8/2m/min
Test load 1500kg
Voltage 220v to 440v, 50/60hz , 3 phases
Upper & Lower Limit Switches Yes
Self Centering Chain Guide Yes
Chain FEC80 Japan chain
Chain is Surface Hardened Yes
Hook Type Double
Hook Safety Latch Yes
Hook Rotation 360 Degrees
Dual Speed Motor Yes
Motor Insulation Class F
Thermal Overload Protection Yes
Brake Type DC brake
Self Adjusting Brake Yes
Overload Slip Clutch Yes
Working grade, FEM 2M+
Lubrication Oil Bath
Enclosure Type (Complete Hoist) Outdoor Rated -IP55
Fan ( Nylon ) Yes
Control Voltage 24V or 48V
Hoist body materials Aluminium
Chain bag ( Nylong) Yes
Ergonomic Push Button Design Yes


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