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Light Duty Suspension Crane Fem/DIN Standard Flexible Light Crane
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Light Duty Suspension Crane Fem/DIN Standard Flexible Light Crane

Suspension Light Crane

Light Duty Suspension Crane Fem/DIN Standard Flexible Light Crane

The aluminum alloy track crane is a new type of light load hoisting equipment which mainly applies the aluminumalloy walking track and the pulley, USES the carbon steel as the structure support or the accessory, the aluminum alloy and the carbon steel combination.The load of aluminum alloy rall crane ranges from 125kg to 2000kg.Smooth and smooth system allows you tooperate more convenient, more ergonomic principles, update, belter operation and more smooth.Standard modularparts make installation and retrofit easier,The low friction coeficient makes the aluminum alloy rall crane easier tocarry heavy loads.The friction noise level between the wheel and the aluminum alloy surface is lower.The system isalmost maintenance-free and has multiple secondary protection options.Because of its modular system design, letthe planning more free; With the unique combination of rall profile, so that the lifting point between the greater space.more cost saving.The ergonomic station design of the aluminum aloy rall crane has a direct impact on productivity and benefits yourproductivity. lt redefines the characteristics of smooth operation for the new lightweight crane system and makes yourhoisting more comfortable.

The aluminum alloy standard component has four different profle tracks of diferent specifications, with themaximum bearing capacity up to 2000kg. The precision machined aluminum profile and structural parts are easy toinstall, modular, and keep running smoothly.The aluminum alloy track with closed design is light in weight but hashigher bending strength and better wear resistance.Because the surface positive electroplating treatment and itsown anti-corrosion characteristics.This structure is used to clean plant and automobile production lines, food,electronics, and the light weight is worth considering.

The aluminum alloy track friction resistance is smaller, not only the track processing accuracy is higher, theprecise connection component is also the key to the load operation is quiet and smooth.The trolley is made of nylonwheel structure, which is generalized and standardized.Because of the design of standardized components, thewalking car can be eauipped with electric drive to realize electric drive in the future, and it can even match the profiletrack of various other sections.

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