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500mm European Crane End Carriage Wheel Block with 3.0kw Motor
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500mm European Crane End Carriage Wheel Block with 3.0kw Motor

European Crane End Carriage Wheel

500mm European Crane End Carriage Wheel Block with 3.0kw Motor

Selection Type designation key (example) for basic wheel blocks.

Prepared for torque bracket connection:a offset gearboxed 27/37/47/57/67/77/87/97,W Angular gearboxes 27/37/47/57/67/77/87/97,X indicates no gearbox considered. 

Guide roller arrangement ,prepared for: H Horizontal guide rollers,standard, X indicates no guide rollers. Connection variants,prepared for: K top connection,W side connection,B pin connection, X no connection variant.Travel wheel types: for types B,C,E,F indicate 0. Travel wheel types: A with flanges on both sides,B without flange,C polyamide without flange,with larger diameter, D with flange on one side,E without flange,with larger diameter,F hydopur,without flange,with larger diameter,S special travel wheel.

A driven wheel block,MA wheel block also driven and indication of hub profiles,NA non-driven wheel block.wheel block size 112,125,160,200,250,315,400,500.Commonly used type: BRS112-A30-A60,BRS125-A35-A60,BRS160-A45-A65,BRS200-A50-A65,BRS250-A65-A75,BRS315-A65-A90,BRS400-A75-A100,BRS500-A90-A110.

Travel wheel variants:GJS(GGG) flange guided travel wheel,GJS(GGG)travel wheel without flange,Polyamide travel wheel without flange,with larger diameter,GJS(GGG) travel wheel with one flange,GJS(GGG) travel wheel without flange,travel wheel without flange of hydropur with larger diameter.

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